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25 May 2006
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Dear Marcel:
Thank you very much for the help you have given me in the recent past with respect to the history of my home town of Sion and its surrounding communities.  As you may be aware, I have been working over the past year on putting together a bit of history on my community.  I am pleased to forward a draft copy of my book titled UPWARD TO ZION, as it stands at the moment, for your perusal and information.
Please note that this book is copyrighted by my firm, Adamstahl Associates Limited.  It is presently priced at $25.00 per copy.  Should you and/or Barrhead County wish to buy this or further copies of the book, I will be pleased to provide them at $25.00 per copy plus shipping and handling costs.
As you may be aware, Marcel, I was disappointed when the Dunstable Communities Historical Society brought about the sale of the properties of the Sion Community, namely the old Sion Hall and the newer, partially-completed Community Centre, and appropriated the funds for its own purposes.  Be that as it may, it is now water under the bridge.  Let me put it this way:  I do not consider Sion a small, tail-end satellite community of the so-called Dunstable Communities.  I am delighted to see the Dunstable people publishing a book about their community and nearby communities, but I have to be frank and confess to you that I consider Dunstable a satellite of the Sion Community, not the other way around!  Sion has a history which is every bit as old as the history of the entire Lac La None area, and is probably much older and more distinguished than Dunstable.  Sion as a community is older than the Province of Alberta.  It has a colorful history, and I feel honored to be able to do a bit of research on that history.
When you have looked at my book, if you do not wish to buy it I would appreciate having it back.  No need for you to mail it.  I will no doubt have occasion to contact you again soon as my Councillor in Barrhead County, and when we have occasion to talk again, I would like to drop by and pick up my book.  Your comments will be welcomed, as always.
All the best, Marcel!  Have a good summer.  
With best wishes,
Len Stahl