7 February 2007
Division 1, County of Barrhead
5306 - 49 Street
Barrhead, AB T7N 1N5    Fax 780-674-2777
Dear Marcel:
With your 77th birthday coming up on the 22nd of this month, let me wish you a Happy Birthday, Sir!
Almost nine months have passed since my letter to you dated May 25, 2006, at which time I sent you a copy of the first draft of my book titled UPWARD TO ZION: the first hundred years.  In the months which have transpired I have done considerable work on the book, and it is now at the stage at which we have assigned an ISBN number to it, and are preparing to send the necessary two copies to the National Library in Ottawa.
How is your book progressing?  If you would be willing to share with me your own draft copy of your own book as it stands at the moment (by way of making photocopies) I would be pleased to send you in return a complimentary copy of my book as it stands at the moment.  Alternatively, the book in its revised form is presently priced at $25.00 per copy.  Should you and/or Barrhead County wish to buy this or further copies of the book, I will be pleased to provide them at $25.00 per copy plus shipping and handling costs.
The availability of the book extends, naturally, also to the Dunstable Communities Historical Society, if you would care to pass on to them this invitation to sell them a copy.  Note that the book is copyrighted, which means it is illegal to make photocopies of it to circulate among members of the Society.
Even if you cannot send me a copy of your book, Mr. Councillor, could you perhaps have your secretary at the County office send me a copy of your personal biographical sketch which you use for political purposes, with perhaps also a print of your official photograph.
May I look forward to hearing from you?
Cordially, with best wishes,
Len Stahl
P.S.:  Attached for your information is a copy of the table of contents of the updated version (14 January 2007) of UPWARD TO ZION: the first hundred years.
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