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Adamstahl books were originally, when the Emma Plitt Story first went public in the early nineties, priced at $50.00 per book.  That was hard-cover, and it was expensive.  With modern "printing" methods (mainly photocopying and digital reproduction) featuring soft-cover thermal and "velo" binding, the price per book of less than 100 pages is now down to $25.00.  Books of more than 100 pages are still $50.00 or more.
Here are the titles of available books:
The Emma Plitt Story
(Mama runs my business)
Copyright 1993, 118 pages.  This is largely an autobiography by Len Stahl, written in honor of a poor farm girl who was his mother, and whom he lost when he was only twelve years old.  
The ISBN Number for The Emma Plitt Story is 0-929118-02-2.  The book is also available in the Centennial Library in Edmonton, where its shelf number is 923.371STA.  A circulating copy was originally located on the main floor, west side, and a second copy is preserved in the Permanent Alberta Section on the second floor.  The circulating copy has now been transferred to the Closed Stacks Section of the Magazines and Directories department on the second floor, where it is classed as "Canadiana."  You may ask for it at the Magazines and Directories desk, by its
number (923.371 STA.)  
The book is available from Adamstahl Associates (Transcendental Den Publications) for $50.00 hard cover, or $25.00 paperback
the wild rose state:
an experiment in christian communism
Copyright 1996.  84 pages.  
ISBN No. 0-929118-05-7
This book revolves around the central theme that Jesus Christ was the world's first communist.  It is partly biographical, being largely Len Stahl's own account of his activities as an independent liberal politician in the seventies, eighties and early nineties.  The book has occasioned the establishment of the Wild Rose Institute of Political Science.    Price: $25.00
Travel International: three decades and the launch into the space age
This book is a combination of two earlier publications:
Adamstahl's first quarter-century in the travel business (1994), and
The TI Boys and the million-dollar trade mark (1997)  
The original book (covering Travel International's first twenty years) is in the National Library in Ottawa, with ISBN number 0-929118-00-6.  It is also in the Centennial Library in Edmonton, where the shelf number for the book is 382.4591ADASTA.
The book was subsequently updated (copyright 1994) as
Travel International: the first quarter-century  
A sequel to Travel International: the first quarter-century, was the 38-page book titled The TI Boys and the Million-Dollar Trade Mark, copyright 22 March 1997, and the two books have now being combined into one, as Travel International: three decades and the launch into the space age.
    Price: $50.00
333 pages.  Published in 1987 by Canadian Utilities Limited as a Diamond Jubilee project.   ISBN number is 0-921146-00-0.  The book is also available in the Centennial Library in Edmonton, where its shelf number is 338.27285STA.
This book was commissioned and published by the utility companies.  It is no longer in print, and is now a collector's item.  Adamstahl owns seven of the original books, in mint form, and four of these are available to collectors at a thousand dollars per book.
Photocopies of the book, or specified portions thereof, are priced at .25 per page
Kaiser Wilhelm the Turd
A docudrama by Len Stahl, about a dog named "Lucky" who was brought to the SPCA and put up for adoption by his former owners just before Christmas 1997.  The dog was adopted by Adamstahl Associates on January 12, 1998, and christened Kaiser Wilhelm the Turd, more popularly known simply as Kaiser Willy.  
This docudrama describes some of Kaiser Willy's emotional upheavals, including the trauma of being neutered, and includes the experience of Kaiser and his buddy discovering that being busted by the law is not limited to ordinary dogs and people.  It sometimes happens to very important and famous dogs (and people too).  Note particularly the final page of the book, with a full-page color photo of U.S. President Bill Clinton with his dog Buddy, accompanied by an autographed note from the President.  Warning: this book contains words which some readers and listeners may consider offensive.    Price: $25.00
ISBN No. 0-929118-06-5
(Audio cassette version ISBN No. 0-929118-07-3)
a short novel titled
Lunatic Johnnie and the Holy Virgin
Copyright 1996.  36 pages (20,000 words).  
Published by Guys & Gals, a division of Adamstahl Associates Limited.
ISBN No. 0-929118-03-0
(Audio cassette version ISBN No. 0-929118-04-9)
Lunatic Johnnie and the Holy Virgin is available from the publisher, in paperback or on audio tape cassette (standard cassette format), for $25.00 per copy.  
This vulgar bit of romance fiction, which the author maintains could be classed as a "divine comedy," centres around a self-styled schizophrenic who, with the help of a medical hypnotist, manages to get himself locked up in an insane asylum, where he dies as "the shadow."  The book ends with the question, "Can medical hypnosis be misused?" and the schizophrenic's answer: "Who knows? . . . The shadow knows."
The AMPIA Story
(featuring Nick Zubko, founding president of the
Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association)
This 80-page Report is one of Adamstahl's productions featuring the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association.  The Report focuses on AMPIA's Founding President Nick Zubko, whose career has spanned half a century of leadership in film, television and video productions.  The book also features the founding of the Banff Television Festival, spearheaded by a group which had its early beginnings in AMPIA, including Film Producer Fil Fraser and Executive Secretary Len Stahl.  
The AMPIA Story was produced in conjunction with AMPIA's 25th Anniversary Film and Television Awards Presentations, held at the Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, on April 24, 1999.  The book includes souvenir copies of the 28-page handbook of the Commonwealth Games International Film Festival held in 1978, and the 36-page handbook for the first Banff Television Festival, held a year later (1979).  These festival programs are now collector's items.  The book is available from Adamstahl for $25.00.
The story is copyrighted by Adamstahl Associates Limited and may not be reproduced in any form including photocopying without the written permission of Adamstahl.  
© 1999
ISBN No. 0-929118-08-1
The AMPIA Story
Half-hour sound documentary (tape cassette) featuring AMPIA Founding President Nick Zubko and his production house, Cine Audio-Visual Ltd.
This documentary, produced and narrated by Len Stahl, consists primarily of the first 15 pages of the foregoing book on AMPIA.  
The Nick Zubko Story was produced in conjunction with AMPIA's 25th Anniversary Film and Television Awards Presentations, held at the Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, on April 24, 1999.  It is available from Adamstahl for $25.00 per cassette.
The story is copyrighted by Adamstahl Associates Limited and may not be reproduced  without the written permission of Adamstahl.  This documentary was produced with the primary objective of turning it into a half-hour film and television production.  The bidding process on the film and TV rights is presently underway (a minimum bid of $2,000 is required).  For information contact Len Stahl.
© 1999
ISBN No. 0-929118-09-X
Alberta's Film and TV Arts
in the Early Eighties
This 150-page Report by Len Stahl is primarily an overview of the Film and Television industry as it existed at the time of the founding of the Banff Television Festival and the formation of the provincial government's Film Industry Development Office.  Among the leading lights in Alberta's film industry who are highlighted in this report is Fil Fraser, an outstanding feature film producer who went on to become the first President of the New Western Film and Television Foundation, which founded the Banff Television Festival in the early eighties.  Another is Bill Marsden, an equally colorful film producer and a past president of the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA), who went on to become the Province's Film Commissioner, in charge of the newly-formed Alberta Motion Picture Development Corporation (AMPDC).  Others include AMPIA Past Presidents Nick Zubko, Ron Brown, Jim Long, Eda Lishman and Arvi Liimatainen.  
There was talk in 1981, the year in which Stahl's book primarily has its roots, of Alberta becoming Canada's "Hollywood of the North."  Alberta's Film and TV Arts in the Early Eighties was primarily put together by Stahl at the time when he himself was in the process of retiring as the Founding Secretary of AMPIA, which he served in a management capacity for seven years before stepping down in order to launch a new phase of his own personal development as co-founder of Adamstahl Associates Limited.  This 150-page collection of historic materials is available from Adamstahl Associates for $50.00.
© February 2003
God's Highway
This 50-page Report by Len Stahl, classed as a documentary, is a study of a highway in north-central Alberta which is distinctively identified as Secondary Highway 777.  The author is recommending that "Triple Seven" should be taken over by a Highway Association which will work towards making 777 a "trail to the top of the world."  The book consists largely of correspondence with municipal and provincial government officials, including the Counties of Barrhead and Lac Ste. Anne (Councillor Steve Holsted and Reeve Darrel Butler respectively), Barrhead-Westlock Constituency (Speaker of the House Ken Kowalski), Whitecourt-Ste. Anne Constituency (MLA George Vanderburg and retired MLA Peter Trynchy), and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein.
The Triple Seven Highway, as originally conceived when Ken Kowalski was Minister of Highways before he was elected to the Legislative Assembly, was envisioned as a paved secondary road in north-central Alberta, more or less from Onoway north for about thirty or forty miles, serving primarily the counties of Lac Ste. Anne, Barrhead and Westlock.  Stahl recommends it be incorporated with other highways of Alberta, serving not only these counties but also Athabasca County, and then east to the highway which runs north to Fort McMurray, from whence it should continue on into the far North, designed ultimately to be the world's most northerly highway, similar to the Alaska Highway, but proceeding much farther north, far past the Arctic Circle.
This Study is copyrighted by Adamstahl Associates Limited and may not be reproduced in any form including photocopying without the written permission of Adamstahl.  
    Price: $25.00
© 2001
ISBN No. 0-929118-12-X
Note:  As of October 17, 2005, the above book and the Stage Two book below have been combined into one volume, available from Adamstahl for the combined price of $50.00.
—the Athabasca Route
This 39-page book is a sequel, or follow-up, to TRIPLE SEVEN: God's Highway (see foregoing summary of that 2001 Report by Len Stahl).  The first book was the initial study which set the stage for a proposed route into the high Arctic in much the same way as the Mackenzie Highway route and the Alaska Highway route take travellers into the Arctic through the great Northwest.  The proposed Athabasca Route is more central, and is designed to become the world's most northerly highway, and Canada's route to the "top of the World."
The route proposed, for which the initial take-off is the presently existing short stretch of pavement proceeding straight north of the village of Onoway and known as Secondary Highway 777, carries the concept of the Athabasca Route up through the towns of Westlock and Athabasca, then east and north through the Athabasca Oilsands City of Fort McMurray, on up through Fort McKay and hopefully on up along the Athabasca River to Fort Chipewyan and Lake Athabasca, from whence it is designed eventually to proceed through the Wood Buffalo National Park and on up into the high Arctic.
The geographic North Pole, in the Arctic Ocean, and the magnetic North Pole featuring its magnificent splendor of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) give this second stage a hypnotic charm.  Stage Three of the Triple Seven project, designed in due course to become the third book in the Triple Seven three-part series, is at present still included as part of Stage Two.  As the project progresses, the third book will hopefully evolve into a collection of materials to be known as TRIPLE SEVEN: Stage Three—Northern Adventure.     Price: $25.00
ADAMSTAHL TRADE MARKS: a report on the corporate identity symbols of
 Adamstahl Associates Limited
On June 3, 2002, Len Stahl registered a star (in the constellation of Orion) in the name of Adamstahl Associates Limited.  June 3 was the 75th birthday of the co-founder of Adamstahl, who was born on June 3, 1927 as Rhoda Sarah Adams, and subsequently became the mother of Len's and Rhoda's two sons and one daughter, who are today the principal shareholders in the firm.  This 35-page book revolves around the registering of the corporation among the stars.  
Adamstahl is the registered owner of five trade marks which are featured in the book.  The book elaborates on some of the activities in which Adamstahl has been engaged over the past 40 years, and provides also some general information on the firm.  It includes a summary of intellectual properties, particularly Len Stahl's major activities and productions as an author, journalist and publicist.  The book is available from Adamstahl for $25.00.
Adamstahl Projects Summary.  This 43-page financial report is a back-up volume-of-trade summary to accompany Adamstahl's Trade Marks Report.  It covers 33 fiscal years (1970-2003), with a grand total volume well in excess of a million dollars ($1,205,568.40) in trade and services to clients over a period of more than three decades.  
Also available from Adamstahl Associates Limited —
(a report on the property management division of Adamstahl Associates)
Price: $25.00
A note about the
Sherwood Park Star
For three and a half years (1971-1974) Stahl was editor of a weekly newspaper called the Sherwood Park Star.  These papers were later archived (Access File 83.101) in the Strathcona County Library, where they have been microfilmed.  Also archived were about 200 photos by Stahl (Access Box 83.124, turned over to the County by Henry Unrau, Chairman of the 25th Anniversary Book Committee which published Sherwood Park: the first 25 years.)  See page 171 of the book, available in the Strathcona County Library, for photo and writeup on Stahl and the Sherwood Park Star.
Recent corporate identity brochure by Len Stahl:
A Proposal to Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
(concentrates on the Association's corporate identity)  
10 pages.  Available from Adamstahl for $25.00.
Industrial magazine features, political reports, community profiles, etc.
Len Stahl has written extensively for a variety of mass media organizations.  In the early seventies, for example, he met then Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and today's Prime Minister Jean Chretien (who was at that time the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development in the Trudeau Cabinet) on journalistic assignments by Time Magazine and United Press International.  
Stahl's most extensive and long-lasting series of magazine features covered a period of nearly three decades (1971-1998).  It consists primarily of more than 200 articles in the international Trade & Commerce Magazine, which is owned by the Quebecor Corporation, the largest printing and publishing house in Canada and one of the largest in the world.
These Trade and Commerce articles vary in length from short 500-word items to full-blown feature stories of four to five thousand words.  The majority of the stories are more than 1,000 words in length.  In most cases the articles are accompanied by photos, many of which Len took himself and for which he sometimes received credits in the form of by-lines.
Len's first major assignment for Trade and Commerce Magazine came to him through Edmonton Alderman Ron Hayter, who was at that time the magazine's regional editor, and under whose direction Len did all his early stories for the magazine until he was subsequently appointed regional editor himself.  That first story was on the old Edmonton Area Industrial Development Association, the forerunner of the present organization known as Economic Development Edmonton.  In the three decades that followed Stahl did features on the metropolitan Edmonton area for the magazine on a regular basis (usually annually) including the April 1978 issue when Edmonton was featured by the magazine as its "City of the Year."  
In addition to the metropolitan Edmonton area (which includes Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc and Nisku), these industrial, economic development and community profiles included most of the leading towns and cities in central and northern Alberta from Red Deer north all the way to the north Peace country in the west and Fort McMurray(1974/86/94)  in the east.  Stahl's Whitecourt story, for example, which featured internationally-renowned pulp-and-paper and lumber operations, was first published in 1974 and in the years that followed was revised and updated no fewer than nine times.
Other communities which were featured, some of them numerous times over the seventies, eighties and nineties, include the following:
Airdrie: 1991;  Athabasca: 1988;  Barrhead: 1975/76/77/95;  Camrose: 1976/90/95/96/98; Cochrane: 1991;  Clearwater Region: 1991;  Cold Lake: 1983;  Drayton Valley: 1977/90;
Drumheller: 1987;  Edson: 1984/89;  Fairview: 1987;  Grand Cache: 1981/84;  
Grande Centre: 1983;  GrandePrairie:1989/90/1/4/5;  High Level: 1995/97;
High Prairie: 1974;  High River: 1991;  Hinton: 1981/3/5/8/9/90/91;  Lac La Biche: 1989;
Lacombe: 1983;  Lakeland Region: 1990;  Lloydminster:1983/4/5/8/9/90;  Manning: 1983
Mannville: 1983;  Mayerthorpe: 1983;  Onoway: 1983;  Peace River: 1984/88/90/91/94
Ponoka: 1984/88;  Provost: 1980/85;  Red Deer;  Redwater: 1988;  
Roky Mountain House?83/92/95;  Slave Lake: 1974/83/89/92;  Smoky Lake: 1976
St. Paul: 1983/87;  Stettler: 1989;  Stony Plain: 1975/88Sturgeon Municipal District
Swan Hills: 1983/85/87/89/96;  Sylvan Lake: 1983/85/95;  Tofield;  Two Hills: 1987
Vermilion: 1976/81;  Wainwright: 1981/96;  Westlock: 1978/90;  Wetaskiwin: 1978/90
Yukon Territory: 1978
Some of the articles were province-wide or general in nature, including annual conventions of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Alberta Economic Developers Association (1987/92), Alberta Market Survey (1994), and some featured major industries, particularly throughout the North (e.g., Forestry, Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas developments, Petrochemicals, Transportation, Highways, Pipelines, etc.).  
Adamstahl has on its shelves copies of many of Len's articles, in their published form as they appeared in this popular and widely circulated international slick-paper industrial magazine.  In some cases we do not have the issues of the magazine in which the articles appeared, but in almost all cases we have copies on hand of the original stories in the form in which they were sold to the magazine.
Clients wishing to obtain copies of any of these stories may purchase them from Adamstahl Associates Limited at a price of 25¢ per page to cover our costs of clerical work and photocopying.  Reprints of photos by Len Stahl, from the original negatives, are available at ten dollars per photo in ordinary jumbo size.  In larger format (e.g., 8 inches by 10 inches) the cost of supplying these photos ranges upwards of $25.00 per photo.
three and a half centuries of family history
compiled by Len Stahl
We have traced the Stahl ancestry back 11 generations, to 1643, which is now more than three and a half centuries ago.  Our Stahl ancestor was Lorentz Stahl, a shepherd in a village called Schafhausen, in the old German principality of Württemberg.  Schafhausen is just a few miles west of the city of Stuttgart.  We received some valuable help in this study from Len's brother Clarence (C. Larry Stahl, PhD) of Salem, Oregon, as well as relatives in Stuttgart and elsewhere, and from the GRHS (Germans from Russia Heritage Society).  Then there is Rhoda Adams' ancestry, which we have traced back to its English and European roots  more than 400 years ago.  The total production, concentrating on the Stahl, Plitt, Adams and Maybee families, has by now grown to 112 pages, and is available from Adamstahl for the standard price of $50.00, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.
On the Plitt-Frank side of the Stahl ancestry we have revised and completely re-worked an old 100-page report (1995) which was titled Genealogical Report on the Frank Family.  
The revised 85-page project, as of October 2004, is titled Our search for the Plitt-Frank Ancestry.  This report traces the Plitt-Frank family tree back for about two centuries, primarily in German settlements in the vicinity of Ciechanow, about 75 km north of Warsaw, Poland, prior to the time that some of the Franks, along with Grandpa and Grandma Ludwig Plitt, emigrated to Canada in 1909.  Among the people who contributed valuable help in the research for this project was a retired Polish General, Romuald Wolikowski, who located the villages of Dabrowa and Kicin for us on a map.  The report introduces the excellent work being done by the SGGEE (Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe).  This separate Frank Family Genealogical Report is also  available from Adamstahl for $25.00 plus shipping costs.
Len Stahl's Coyote Act
(sound recording)
This is a lark, a comedy, a potpourri, a happening, a collage of sounds, put together by Len Stahl shortly after he retired in the spring of 1995, out on the Adamstahl retreat.  It was done on a cheap cassette recorder.  It is totally natural and unpretentious, featuring nature sounds, particularly the chirping of the birds on the acreage.  It begins with a session of Len simply clowning around, having fun, imitating the coyotes, as a relief for his loneliness out there by himself on the Adamstahl hobby farm.  Side A also features some guitar playing and singing by Len, on a guitar which was not in tune.  The tape, uncut and unedited, is available from Adamstahl for $25.00 per cassette.  Warning:  It contains cathartic expressions emanating from the mind of a sick and dying bipolar.
Here, for the record, is the sequence of sounds as numbered on the recorder:
Side A:  000 to roughly 100:  Imitation coyote wails and wolf howls.  100 to 193 - Guitar playing and singing by Len.  193-220:  "Who knows?".  220-240:  Shoo, shoo, little bird.  240-260:  Bird sounds.  About 300-322:  Some sounds at the beaver dam at the west end of the property.  Turn over at 322, rewind, and re-set the counter to 000.
Side B:  000-090 - A little stream Len created at the Beaver Dam.  095-145:  Jordan River.  145-250 -  More coyote wails.  250-275 -  Michael, row the boat ashore.  275-295:  Swing low.  295-318: Dis train am bound for glory.  318:  No, Doctor!    
Price: $50.00
The King and the Coyote
Adamstahl's first digital video home movie, on DVD
This half-hour (36 minutes to be more exact) digital video, taken on Adamstahl's new Canon Camcorder, is produced by David Stahl, with cinematography and narration by Len Stahl, and special sound effects by Kaiser Willy, including a bit of accompaniment by his girlfriend, the black Rottweiler from next door, who quite often comes over to spend an hour or so with Kaiser.  
The show begins with a tour around the yard and the buildings of the Adamstahl retreat, including the garden and the goats.  This first half of the
production features the fall colors of the trees on this 40 acres of bush, including wild cherry trees (chokecherry and pincherry), saskatoon trees, an abundance of poplar (both aspen and balsam), willows,  and a variety of bushes, including hazelnut, cranberry and of course the abundant wild Alberta rose.  The filming was done in September-October 2003.
The second half (roughly) of the production features the filming and recording of an encounter between Kaiser Willy and a coyote out in the thick bush, nearly half a mile west of the buildings.  The production in its present form is an unedited "happening."  It is copyrighted and DVD copies are available from Adamstahl Associates Limited for $50.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.
Hillbilly Preacher
a collection of writings from the 'fifties, by Len Stahl
This 115-page book includes two shorter booklets (United We Stand and First Steps in Following Jesus) published in the late fifties in Barbados, West Indies, along with a series of tracts and sermons also completed largely down in the Caribbean in the late fifties.  These materials are capped off with a final statement titled The Coming State Church, by Len, completed at the end of the fifties after Len and Rhoda and their first two children, David and Dawn, returned to Canada from the Caribbean Islands.
Len was ordained in Victoria, B.C., in 1954, by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, with headquarters in Toronto, in turn affiliated with the Assemblies of God in America (headquarters in Springfield, Missouri).  In total, including his pre-ordination apprenticeship years, Len spent about seven years propagating fundamentalist Christianity, also known as "the full gospel."  Hillbilly Preacher captures the spirit of those years, primarily in the 1950's.  The series of sermons in the book was also recorded in part as a series of reel-to-reel magnetic tapes, and it is hoped that these may soon be digitalized and made available to readers and listeners.
Preacher Boy was 27 years old when he delivered his last sermon in Sangre Grande, Trinidad, in the fall of 1957.  His signs and wonders crusade went bankrupt, and he spent nine days in a ward of the world's largest psychiatric hospital, Bellevue in New York, before returning to Canada a broken man.  In nearly half a century, he has been unable to preach another of his fanatical full-gospel sermons.  The book of sermons is copyrighted by Adamstahl Associates Limited and is available for $50.00.
The Morning Star
a companion volume to HILLBILLY PREACHER
A companion volume to Hillybilly Preacher is the 150-page book titled The Morning Star, also available from Adamstahl for an additional $50.00 per book.  
The Morning Star is put together in memory and in honor of Len's partner, Rhoda Adams Stahl, the co-founder of Adamstahl Associates Limited, who went home to be with the Lord on June 21, 2002, in Calgary, Alberta.  
Rhoda was Len's own Morning Star, and was the prime mover in their evangelistic crusades, particularly down in the West Indies, in the mid-fifties.  
The Morning Star is a reprint of five years of Len's and Rhoda's religious bulletin which was itself titled The Morning Star.
(Summary of documentary by Travel International Canada Inc.)
This production, filmed by Len Stahl on Monday afternoon, November 15, 2004, is essentially a guided tour of Onoway by Terry Slemko, one of the community's most outstanding personalities, who was mayor of Onoway at the time that Len wrote a Trade & Commerce Magazine article 21 years ago (1983), which has now been reproduced in one of Travel International's latest productions titled TRIPLE SEVEN: God's Highway.  
The man who was Mayor of Onoway in 1983 is now featured as Onoway's "Communiteer Extraordinaire," introduced as our tour guide at the start of the documentary by Onoway's Corporate Services Coordinator Catherine Dunn.  "Our former Mayor served on Council for four terms (12 years)," Catherine says, "and we are proud of him."
Our 2004 video documentary on Onoway presents a wide-angle view of the community, featuring everything from attractive seniors developments such as the Beaupre Court and the Seeley Manor and the announcement that there may soon be more to come, all the way to Onoway's outstanding educational facilities, where Terry Slemko, as a professional educator, feels most at home.
The documentary, accordingly, starts with the Seniors complexes and then appropriately heads right into the educational scene.  It also appropriately features the sensational announcement that Terry Slemko's book on the history of education in Onoway and the surrounding areas is almost ready to roll off the presses.  Terry's book is essentially the story of a hundred years of education in the historic Onoway region, and is expected to be out just before Christmas 2004.  The book is more than 300 pages, and includes about 200 photos.
The educational facilities section of Travel International's Onoway documentary starts with the historic Beaupré School, built in 1921, which will soon become a museum, with the construction of new educational facilities expected to open in September 2006.
"Onoway is a village by night," Terry says in the documentary, "with a population of 988," but in the daytime, with students being bussed to our educational complex from all around Onoway in 22 busses, you could say we are a town with a population of about 2000!"
From the elementary and high school educational complex the Onoway documentary moves on to include the Onoway Arena, the beautiful Swede Moran Baseball Complex, the Curling Club, and Onoway's ultra-modern Water Treatment Plant.
Featured also is the Onoway and District Chamber of Commerce and its huge eye-catching directory of the Village just off the Highway, beyond Onoway's west side.  The display seems to echo the Trade and Commerce story on Onoway more than 20 years ago which was headed "Highways Hub offers ideal location."  Today, more than ever, Onoway's highwayside advertising about the "Hub of the Highways" is as convincing and powerful as ever.
The video documentary moves up and down the streets of the village, showing retail and commercial establishments of all shapes and sizes including grocery stores, restaurants, banking facilities, and an attractive hotel, as well as a wide variety of community and professional services of all kinds, to say nothing of an increasing number of tourist attractions.
The presentation goes heavy on Onoway's fantastic residential developments ranging from David Skinner's mansion out near the highway to the latest fashionable homes in the formal residential subdivisions.  
The production takes in a bird's eye view of Onoway's thriving Industrial Park, where Tour Guide Terry Slemko notes that this outstanding industrial area is filled to capacity with prosperous developments of all kinds, and is now beginning to spill over with new developments to the north.  From there the documentary moves on out along the Lac Ste Anne Trail and then the Triple Seven Highway to the exciting wide open countryside of Lac Ste Anne County, featuring gracious new homes in the Sturgeon Heights prestige subdivision.  
As daylight fades into the shadows and the Village Office is already closed, the documentary winds down in the Tour Guide's car, with some very pertinent remarks by this Communiteer Extraordinaire.  "I'm a world traveler," summarizes the 62-year-old educator, author and lecturer, "but I always come back home to some of the most pristine and exciting countryside you'll find anywhere on earth.  There's no place like home and there's no place like Onoway!"
(Digital video production Travel International Canada Inc.)
This production, filmed by Len Stahl, with post-production by Robinson Printing Video Production Services, is similar to ONOWAY: HUB OF THE HIGHWAYS.  Instead of concentrating on the Village of Onoway, however, it concentrates on the community of Sion, 14 miles north of Onoway.
The production features Adamstahl's own small herd of dairy goats, plus the goat farms of Christine Annaker at Onoway and the Tomten-Careless family at Sion.  It also features the 30th Anniversary of the Nakamun Superette General Store at Lake Nakamun.
Available from Adamstahl in both DVD and VCR cassette format, at $25.00 per DVD or VCR
Sweet Bee Power:
there's much more than refined honey in Bee Buzz and Bee Biz
October 14, 2005
published by the Guys & Gals division of
Adamstahl Associates Limited
Site 3, Box 6, Busby, Alberta, Canada T0G 0H0
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This 28-page report outlined a PROPOSED MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between ADAMSTAHL ASSOCIATES LIMITED and SHAREHOLDERS IN THE GUYS & GALS SWEET BEE POWER PROJECT, a million-dollar project which was aimed at setting up a Guys & Gals corporation for a bee-keeping operation on Adamstahl's retreat.  
The original report (2005) is now out of print.  It has been replaced (September 2008) by a 50-page report titled The Wild RoseCommunity College.
This highly confidential report by Adamstahl, and its supporting audio-visual productions, are available only to persons directly involved in the project.   Price: $25.00 for the print production, and $25.00 for the digital video.
Upward to Zion: the first hundred years
February 14, 2006
This 50-page report is basically a history of the community of Sion, Alberta, Canada.  Sion as a community is older than the Province of Alberta.  The author presents Sion (Zion) as a microscopic reflection of the macroscopic and universal New Jerusalem,
which comes into being with the return to earth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The book is a sequel to an earlier work titled the wild rose state: an experiment in christian communism, centred around the theme that Jesus was the world's first communist.
Copyright: Adamstahl Associates Limited
Price: $25.00
by C. Larry Stahl, PhD
32 pages (copyright 2003)
Price: $25.00
Clarence (C. Larry) Stahl (1932-2005) was a professional educator, a graduate (Master's Degree in English Literature) from California State University at Los Angeles, who taught in California High Schools for years before retiring and going into business for himself.  In retirement he specialized in the study of language, especially Indo-European, and Philosophy.  
Much of C. Larry Stahl's philosophical musing as outlined in this production arose from an article he authored in 1995 which was published by a prestige international quarterly magazine called EDUCATION.  The article is featured in Philosophical Musings.  The publication of the article in EDUCATION marked the prestige magazine's 115th year of publication.  Clarence's article as it appeared in EDUCATION was appropriately titled A PROPOSED NEW SYMBOLIC MODEL FOR MODERN EDUCATION.  
Clarence believed education is, or at least should be, an exciting experience of self-discovery.  The central thesis of this EDUCATION article is that every man, woman and child in our society lives at the centre of his or her own universe.  His work has turned out to be a major contribution to the Wild Rose Institute of Political Science, which has conferred on him an honorary doctorate in Philosophy.
Clarence passed away in the summer of 2005, at the age of 73.  He leaves to mourn his wife Jean, two daugthers (Sharon and Elaine) and three grandchildren.  He is sadly missed by all who knew him.
by Sarah Remple Klassen
42 pages (copyright 1999   ISBN No. 0-929118-10-3
Price: $25.00
Sarah Remple Klassen is a farm girl at heart, which is why Adamstahl has placed her in charge of the corporation's Onoway office, specializing in northern adventure tours.  Sarah was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in Manitoba, and is now retired at Nakamun Lake, Alberta, near the Triple Seven Highway north of Onoway.  The key to her homespun poetry is her love for her family, particularly her grandchildren, and her love of nature.  Sarah spends many hours feeding and caring for the numerous wild birds which congregate at her cottage overlooking the lake.  Her book of verses has been carefully handwritten with love, and is particularly appropriate for parents and grandparents to read to little children.
Alberta's first
student credit union
founded 30 years ago by
Rhoda Adams Stahl
© 2003
published by
division of Adamstahl Associates Limited
The Late Rhoda Adams Stahl (1927-2002), co-founder of Adamstahl Associates Limited, was a distinguished educator who founded Alberta's first student owned and controlled Credit Union, launched by the Salisbury Composite High School in Sherwood Park on Tuesday, September 24, 1974.
In memory of Rhoda (nee Adams) Stahl, this report is being published on her birthday, June 3, 2003.  Rhoda passed away at the age of 75 a year ago, on June 21, 2002, and will always be remembered for her distinguished contributions to education in Alberta.
This report is primarily a reproduction of what is still in Adamstahl archives of the hundred-page thesis which Rhoda submitted to the Department of Industrial and Vocational Education, University of Alberta, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master's Degree in Vocational Education, in June 1977.  Rhoda received the degree, with honors, and continued for years as an outstanding educational leader in Salisbury Composite before retiring in the eighties.    Price: $50.00
The Travel Adventures of Amelia Priest
Amelia Priest is graduating from the Barrhead Composite High School on June 27, 2003, and is considering the possibilities of a career in the travel business.  The land of her ancestors is Yorkshire, England, which is the focal point of her childhood travel adventures, presented photographically in this 25-page production which sells for $25.00 per copy.  The book is published under the auspices of Travel International Canada Inc.    Price: $25.00