Political science:
space-age Christianity
Let me talk a bit about the collection of political science stuff I have put together as a book and entitled the wild rose state: an experiment in christian communism.
This book takes me back in retrospect to the year 1993, when I made Barrhead County my official place of residence, and ran as an independent candidate in the Barrhead-Westlock constituency, in opposition to a popular and highly successful incumbent called Ken Kowalski.  Ken was Premier Ralph Klein's Deputy Premier at the time, and is today the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
Prior to 1993 I had run four times in what is probably Alberta's most densely populated constituency—the riding of Edmonton Centre.  I lived and worked in Edmonton Centre, as the co-founder and managing director of a small family enterprise we incorporated as Adamstahl Associates Limited.  Basically, I was a writer operating part-time as a journalist and part-time as a promoter or propagandist, sometimes more charitably known as a public relations consultant, if you can imagine someone trying to blend that kind of schizophrenic existence into one harmonious and balanced personality!
Actually, I was a renegade hillbilly preacher, and that historical part of me is told in greater detail in the Emma Plitt Story, which basically I wrote back in 1982, at the age of 52.
I was 63 when I ran against Ken Kowalski in '93, and I was so badly trounced at the polls that I am sure you will understand when I tell you that by the next election (1997) at the age of 67 I was so pooped that I had neither the resources nor the energy to run again as a candidate for public office, especially against Ken Kowalski, who was re-elected with flying colors.  Instead, while the rest of my world was busy politicking, I was busy putting together my political position paper on the subject of democratic socialism.
By the election of 2001 I came full circle.  I voted for the man against whom I had campaigned eight years previously.  I was so happy with the way Ken operated as my MLA for the next four years that I voted for him again in the 2005 election!
I call myself a secular Christian, which means I don't believe in miracles.  You get what you work for, and there is no magic.  I have often taken the position that if believing in God means believing in miracles you are quite safe in calling me an atheist.  In science there is no God.  But science is only half the equation which makes us what we are.  We are not only scientists, we are also artists.  I am personally 50 per cent scientist and 50 per cent artist.  God is a work of art.  In art there are miracles.  God is poetry, literature, fantasy, a class act, a dream, a goal, an objective.  Above all, God is simply Love, and Love is supreme.  Man's imagination is the spiritual part of him, and God as an imaginary being is the creative part of each one of us.
Democratic socialism came of age in Canada when an ordained clergyman by the name of Tommy Douglas in the farming province of Saskatchewan had the guts to announce he was a democratic socialist, and his political party, called the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) turned Saskatchewan into a socialist province, featuring the birth of Canadian Medicare.
We had the same potential in Alberta, but there was a slight difference which in the long run made all the difference.  Bible Bill Aberhart and Back-to-the-Bible Ernest Manning, despite all their preaching, were in the final analysis amateur preachers compared to Tommy Douglas.  Aberhart and Manning swore up and down they weren't socialists, which meant their social credit movement deteriorated over the years until Ernest Manning chose to call it social conservatism rather than social credit.  He continued to the end to denounce Tommy Douglas' democratic socialism as "the false gods of collectivism."
My old friend Alf Hooke just couldn't get over it when his political leader Ernest Manning accepted a directorship in one of Canada's establishment banks, and simply retired from active politics as a social conservative.  Actually Alf Hooke himself didn't believe Social Credit is a form of socialism, but I think if you look at it honestly you'll find that it is in fact socialism.  Aberhart and Manning just never admitted that.  Alf Hooke wrote an interesting book titled "30 plus 5: I know, I was there."  He gave me a great honor when he handed me an autographed copy of his book back in the early seventies.  I treasure it, but unfortunately Alf Hooke himself never made the hurdle to democratic socialism.  Aberhart, Manning and Hooke have gone home to be with the Lord, and today, in the new Millennium, the Lord Himself is coming back to set up his kingdom.  I maintain it consists of democratic socialism, which is a form of politics in which the people are God.  In other words, sovereignty resides in the people.  This process is the democratization of Christianity.  I call it secular Christianity.
There is an increasing number of Roman Catholic Priests, Anglican Priests, Greek Orthodox Priests, and now even clergymen in the fanatical evangelical churches who are declaring themselves democratic socialists.
This is shaking the religious establishment to the core, and that includes the Roman Catholic Church.  A good many years ago I had a professor friend at the University of Alberta who was what I call a secular Catholic.  One of his favorite stories was about an angel who came fluttering down out of the sky one day, with a broken wing.  All the people began to gather around this lovely angel with a broken wing.  "Tell us about God," they begged.  "What is God like?"
She refused to talk, and then finally she broke down and decided to "tell it like it is."  She summed it all up in two one-syllable words.  What is God like?  Her answer: "She's black!"
I love that story.  One of these days the Roman Catholic Church will break down and allow its priests to marry.  They will even allow women to become priests.  Even a black woman, and in the cosmopolitan city of New York, where my professor friend was educated and received a PhD (Cornell University) this is particularly fitting.
Women make remarkable priests, and some of the modern sects are proving this.  The 20th Century produced, for example, Mary Baker Eddy, who founded what she called the First Church of Jesus Christ Scientist.  Its basic principle is "Mind over Matter."
Then out west in the City of the Angels (Los Angeles) there was Amy Semple McPherson, who built Angeles Temple as a monument to her simple but powerful message which she called the Foursquare Gospel.  The four pillars of Amy's gospel are all centred around Jesus Christ.  He is, Amy proclaimed, our Savior, Baptizer, Healer and soon coming King.
Amy was right, and in my books she is as real a Catholic as any priest who wears a white clergy collar and a long black robe, and everybody calls him Father.  It used to be a Man's world, this Christian religion of ours, but we are now in the space age.  To put it bluntly, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"  There are going to be a lot of women priests in the New Jerusalem.
We're moving from a paternal society into a maternal society, where God the Mother (Nature) is just as real and divine as the huge mass of hot air up in the sky whom we worship as God the Father.  Democratic socialism is New Jerusalem statesmanship, and our Lady is as good at that as is her divine Son!