the first hundred years
Cover Photo: the historic Sion United Church,  and the Nakamun
Superette shot on page 25 are photos by Adamstahl Associates
Page 1:  Father Gustave Simonin,
courtesy Missionary Oblates of Alberta, St. Albert
Page 2:  Central Alberta REA Board of Directors, 2005-2006
courtesy Central Alberta REA
Page 13:  Joe Dion, courtesy 2004 campaign office, St. Paul
Page 14:  Historic Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage site
courtesy Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage Company
Page 4:  Old Locality of Sion as shown on 1955 map
courtesy Alberta Energy and Natural Resources
Page 4: New Locality of Sion as shown on 1975
map of Lac La Nonne area, courtesy Canada Map Office,
Energy, Mines & Resources, Ottawa
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